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Business Contract:

A contractor is a business opportunity from a Government to business to bid and work on a project for a given time period. Tags: ‎General contractor · ‎Subcontractor · ‎Government contractor, Women contracts, Public works contracts, County contracts, Find new contracts, LAWA contracts, Lax contracts etc.


1.Construction contracts
2.Labavn contracts
3.List of contracts
4.Metro contracts
5.Lax contracts
6.City contracts
7.County contracts
8.LAWA contracts
9.What are contracts
10.Public works contracts
11.Bid Public works
12.Truck contracts
13.Women contracts services
15.IT maintenance and support


Subcontractors take the work from the main contractor. Subcontractors usually are a small team. A subcontractor is a part of a larger project and normally provides more specialised services (eg. plumbing, Supplier, Labours and Materials) to the client than the contractor.